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Alfaparf The Hair Supporters Group (Scalp & Fiber Restorer, Scalp Protector, Bond-Rebuilder)

Condition: New Product
100% Original Brand


Alfaparf The Hair Supporters Group (Scalp & Fiber Restorer, Scalp Protector, Bond-Rebuilder)

This Alfparf Hair Supporters Group Contains:
1 Alfaparf Hair Supporters Scalp & Fiber Restorer 250 ml/8.45 Oz
1 Alfaparf Hair Supporters Scalp Protector 12x13 ml/0.44 Oz
1 Alfaparf Hair Supporters-BOND REBUILDER- 300ml / 10.14Oz

An innovative system that works on the WELLBEING of the scalp, on the STRENGTH of the hair and on the PERFORMANCE of the product during color, bleach and shape services. The Hair Supporter takes care of the skin and the fiber before, during and after technical services. IT DOES NOT ALTER THE LIGHTENING ABILITY OR THE COLOR RESULT, NOR DOES IT CHANGES THE METHOD OF USE for the products (same volume of activator and same dilution ration). 100% professional- Made in Italy.

*The Scalp & Fiber Restorer is to be work AFTER any quimical treatment. It is an incredible fluid that helps to reestablish the normal pH of the scalp, and restore the correct balance of the fiber.

When to use:
Always after a color, bleach and permanent or semi-permanet wave/perm service.

How to Use:
In all Services:

Apply onto the scalp using the special nozzle, working section by section. Massage and distribute the product from roots to ends with a comb. Leave to work for 3-5 minutes. Rinse Thoroughly and proceed with styling.

*Scalp Protector:

When to use:On customers feeling discomfort on the scalp during technical services. Always when bleaching on the roots.

How to use:
On The Scalp: Apply the vial directly onto the scalp 5 minutes before proceeding with any technical service (Color,Bleach Or Shape).

In The Mixture: During the technical service mix 1 vial with 60 g (2.12 Oz) coloring cream/bleaching powder + the corresponding amount of activator then proceed with the usual application.


When to use:
In Bleach Services: Always, for all hair types.
In color/shape services: When hair is damages or very dry.

How to Use:
In Color/Bleach Services: Mix the coloring cream/bleaching powder with the corresponding amount of activator. Add 10 g (0.35 Oz) of Bond Rebuilder (1 Syringe) for every 30 g (1.06 Oz) of coloring cream/bleaching powder used and blend together until you obtain an even-looking mixture.

In a color service: add bond rebuilder only in the coloring mixture for the lengths and ends.

In Shape Services: Mix 10 g (0.35 Oz) of Bond Rebuilder (1 syringe) for every 60 ml (2.03 Oz) of Lisse Design smoothing fluid/Hydratexture Movement.

Alone: For a Restructuring Services, apply Bond Rebuilder on washed and towel dried hair, apply under a heat source for 10 minutes. Rinse Thoroughly.